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“You are too disgraceful!”. Jiang Zhen sure is not letting good food out of his grasp. After that, all the eggs sent by Jiang Chengxiang were well-cooked, but how could they bring her such eggs today? . Ah, but not so extensive… He was not afraid of Jiang Zheng at all. This knife, which can easily cut off the bones of a pig’s leg, was very heavy. It’s not Jiang Zhen who was cursing like there’s no tomorrow, so why would he feel disgraceful? At that time, he sent her boiled eggs, and once, Jiang Chengxiang’s eggs were not boiled thoroughly. When he heard Jiang Zhen’s cold words, he subconsciously gave way and pulled away Huang Min, who was sitting next to him. Ride like a demon, The devil’s only son. It is good enough to have eggs to eat, how much oil is needed for scrambled eggs? Xiao jie jie qiān wàn bié re wo, 小姐姐千万别惹我. Hahahahaha this is so funny. She hadn’t even adjusted in and she hadn’t eat anything since morning. “Why is this egg not cooked? Lol I’m glad that new bride won’t put up with Madam Jiang’s shit…. Yesterday, her mother-in-law scolded for a long time, and she understood the context. Yesterday, we heard your scolding from the bedroom. My Artist is Reborn The Only Favorite Ugly Husband, ← TOFUH – Chapter 4 – Scolding you to death, ← TOFUH – Chapter 6 – Giving benefactor eggs, In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure, The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration, TOFUH – Chapter 62.1 – The new manager of the gambling house. He even thought that if these people were good enough, he would take a few rest and recuperation meals in the Jiang family and leave the Jiang family when he was well. Zhu Shufen wanted to stretch out her chopsticks to eat chicken, but when she heard this, she took them back. After that, she wanted to find trouble with her eldest son, but thinking about her daughter-in-law, she did not do so in the end. When he saw that the eight members of the Jiang family had filled the eight seats next to the eight Immortals tables, he sneered at Jiang Chengwen. After eating, he stood up. . The new daughter-in-law was right next to him. This is a website of scanlation team known as Immortal Updates Scan. Reverse Harem Manhua/Manhwa Recommendations. Why do these people like toasting instead of drinking fine wine? Jiang Xiaomei liked to eat half-cooked eggs. Summary . Pointing fingers and putting blame to the wrong guy is definitely the bad habit of this family *tsk tsk. Old Madam Jiang regarded this scene with some disapproval and dissatisfaction but still said, “Shufen, if you do not like to eat them like this, I will cook for you a boiled egg later.”. Even the egg in Jiang Xiaomei’s hand was not left behind. She is his mother. In fact, she likes scrambled eggs best.”. Jiang Zhen raised his foot and kicked the table over again. Old man Jiang was also a little stupefied, and the others were even more afraid to greet Jiang Zhen. And the third son, his not thinking right as well. Then he went on to eat  Jiang Chengwen’s bowl of rice. The third had told her that his wife wanted to eat well-cooked eggs, but poached eggs would use more firewood to fully boil, so she took them out when they were almost done and packed them in a bowl. However, thinking that Yuan Wen did not get to eat chicken legs, old Madam Jiang, who was rarely generous, steamed six eggs in one breath while cooking. With mother-in-law staring at her, it was impossible for her to take a bite of the eggs her son was eating. When it was placed on the table, the whole table was in shock . “Second son, make way.”. Shufen has just married in. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Treat your son as less than a dog, and he’ll treat you as an enemy. His actions would be too much but with his situation that his own family is not even letting him eat and treated him badly I care less with how he acted like a madman to them atm cutting tables or overthrowing them! About Miss Sister, Don’t Mess With Me Manga College student Wang Ming fell into a trough due to the betrayal of … Her mother-in-law kept insulting her brother-in-law like a shrew. She used the chopsticks to eat the eggs in her bowl. Please enter your username or email address. Chapter 10. No matter who Madam Jiang scolded, he was the only one who was called like that. His smart and yet..tsk tsk. Old Madam Jiang screamed uncontrollably. Five eggs were all packed in his arms. I told you once before And I won’t say it again, Don’t mess with me, Don’t mess with me. She still appeared gentle and courteous. There was a lot of noise outside. When the meal was ready, Madam Jiang ate one by herself. “Isn’t it alright to spoil her little in the family?” Jiang Chengxiang smiled and said, “There is also big brother. TOFUH – Chapter 5 – Don’t mess with me. They might not know it’s a transmigrator but they should at least have the brain cells to realize it’s because they’ve been mistreating him poorly. Can you stop making trouble?” Jiang Chengxiang had not seen Jiang Zhen holding a knife last night. Mother, don’t always catch him and scold him all the time. “I didn’t see him come out,” Jiang Xiaomei said. His action made old men Jiang forget his fear last night. Eat.” Old Madam Jiang put a bowl in front of Zhu Shufen. There aren’t many people who can write and read in the south of the Yangtze River, so it is very difficult for them to pass the scholar’s examination. Updating Read First Read Last. As for the eggs . Rank . by lajnaa72 10 Comments . Xiao jie jie qiān wàn bié re wo, 小姐姐千万别惹我 Author(s) Feng Lushe. The knife almost cut her own hand! Zhu Shufen didn’t want to eat anything at the table anymore. Thinking of what happened last night, she couldn’t help but feel frightened. Does the guy who has no balls really dare to kill her? I find it almost comical at how dense they are. She doesn’t like to eat uncooked eggs. Zhu Shufen took a bite, the uncooked egg yolk flowed out, and her face changed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 9 Users bookmarked This. “Half-cooked egg tastes better,” old Madam Jiang said. When the Jiang family looked over, they saw a tall, black, thin, and angry man coming towards them with a sharp knife attached to his waist and a big knife in his hand and looking at them menacingly. “There must always be eggs for our family, Yuan Wen. Although there was a little unhappiness, everyone in the Jiang family was able to meet the new daughter-in-law. Don’t Mess With Me, Miss. Honest Eldest Jiang, how did he become like this in the twinkling of an eye? I feel sorry for Eldest Jiang. It’s so ugly. We are the group of editor, translator, cleaner, typesetter and quality check and working in comic project. If only an actual person can be this straighforward and brave to defend himself when bullied. “Shufen, I made you sugar eggs. She told Jiang Chengxiang that she did not like to eat eggs that were raw and uncooked. “Mother.” Just as Madam Jiang was about to teach her eldest son a lesson, the newlywed Jiang Chengxiang suddenly entered the kitchen. Jiang Zhen did not leave the storeroom after last night, which made Madam Jiang think of the past, and she was not very afraid of him. Thank you for the update ❤️. . OnGoing Comments. You reap what you sow. All rights reserved. But she thought that she is the daughter of Master Xiucai, so she needed to give her face. “In the future, when you make eggs for Shufen, they must be cooked.

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